Swim Lessons

Planet Swim School is the premiere learn-to-swim school in North East Florida where we share the love of water from infants to adults! At Planet Swim School we offer 4 different types of lessons:

  • Private Lessons for children 3 & under (20 minutes long; 1 on 1 ratio)
    • For children under the age of 3 we only offer Private 1-1 lessons to start with. We believe in establishing a comfort and trust relationship with our staff first as this is the safest way to introduce your little one to the aquatic world while customizing the speed of learning based on their comfort level. Once our staff feels your little one is ready for the next step, we then introduce them to the longer and bigger classes.
  • Private Lessons (40 minutes long; 1 on 1 ratio)
    • Private 1-1 lessons are always recommended to anyone that feels they would benefit and focus better in a smaller environment, and/or have fears that prevent them to progress in their swimming journey.
  • Semi-Private Lessons (40 minutes long; 2 swimmers with 1 instructor)
    • Semi-Private lessons are a great way to start introducing your kids to the social aspect of sharing lessons without the worry of an overwhelming environment. This type of a lesson is also great for anyone that may want to share lessons with their peers.
  • Group Lessons (40 minutes long; 4 swimmers with 1 instructor)
    • Group lessons are the most popular lessons, and Planet Swim School offers one of the best class ratios out there – 40 minute class with maximum of 4 students! Group lessons are great for further socialization and learning through seeing.

The way we group the lessons together is by age and skill level, by doing this we allow classes to progress through our Learning Curriculum together without having to look for other available options every time a student masters a new skill.